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We are operating since June 16 ,1998

All homes should begin with a thoughtful design, quality materials, and precise attention to details, that's the belief of Wayfair Developments.

We take pride in building the home of your dreams, along with that we will make you walk through each step of the process including colors, designs, and the finest details such as materials and moldings. From Northwest rustic to modern and trendy custom home designs, we specialize in a variety of them! The commitment that we make with our clients is all about Trust, Quality, and Innovation.

The highly skilled team of Wayfair Developments combine their unmatched expertise and complete attention to detail in order to create an award-winning experience from start to end.  

Not just this, we even guide our clients in every step of the way, whether it be about designing a home plan, choosing a location, customizing finishing or planning a realistic budget.

At Wayfair Developments, we embrace a wide array of trends in style, vitality efficiency, and the latest technology, we make sure that our clients are not tied to a particular design or style by maintaining the same quality and the best designs. 

The professional team at Wayfair Developments surpasses the expectations of the client by building a hand-crafted quality home within the given deadline and budget. One thing that keeps us ahead of our competitors along with our services is that we keep the commitments that we made with our clients. We completely understand what it takes to construct a quality home and we make sure that home is constructed as unique as its owner, we make it possible by combing it with the craftsmanship of the past and energy efficiencies of today.

We bring your visions to life by being flexible in making any adjustments or choices from start to finish. We do not make houses, but we build homes that will be lived in for generations to come!